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At Camping Giralda you can enjoy an exclusive daytime and evening entertainment program for all members of the family.

You will live and feel experiences that will add up to unique moments while enjoying a vacation full of shows, nautical activities, entertainment, fitness, yoga, dances, parties, sports and games for all ages.

Our entertainment team will make your stay an experience full of unlimited fun. If you want to, you won’t stop all day.

Thanks to our entertainment team, young people can enjoy sports and leisure activities such as wind surfing, kite surfing, paddle surfing or kayaking in the estuary. Not to mention the entertaining and dynamic creative games where they have fun both individually and as a team.

During your stay you will enjoy your days to the maximum, taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by being located in a campsite in front of the sea and the estuary.

Animated forest

Adventure area with suspended forest, zip line walkways, elevated platforms over the tops of the tallest pine trees in the entire pine forest.
An extraordinary experience. A place of entertainment for all ages. For families, children only, adults only. With a team of monitors for each age and profile, who take care of and energize the activities in the area.

Swimming Pool-Club

An exclusive entertainment venue. For all ages, which has a very complete program of daily entertainment where you can perform a multitude of activities and live experiences..

The Club is an excellent place to combine fun, sporting and educational activities such as crafts, workshops and games. A meeting point designed to make your leisure days even more entertaining. Or our most awaited mini-disco, the perfect entertainment to have a great time and not stop laughing, dancing and singing together.


An Olympic sport of precision, simple and not so easy that encourages exercise, strengthens your arms, your pectorals and trains your aim. It becomes a real poison that invites you to repeat and repeat until you hit the target and then compete.

For all ages, led by specialized instructors who will train your technique and help you improve your skills. In the shooting gallery the hours fly by and you won’t want to stop shooting arrows and making targets.

Kajak on the river

It is practiced in the Ría Carreras, a location that provides us with calm waters, with more than 14 kilometers of channel, which make it ideal for the development of water sports. Its banks delimit the northern part of the Giralda campsite. Enjoy a kayak ride in an exceptional and unique natural environment.

A sport that allows you to enjoy the different landscapes that surround the estuary. Try and repeat this activity, relax while observing the natural environment, making a short trip individually or as a family. Without a doubt, a perfect option for those who wish to discover a peculiar and beautiful natural environment in a different way and live a fun outdoor experience.


Facilities specifically prepared for climbing. Equipped with dams and locks. Different difficulties and different heights. Ready to climb, whatever your age and ability, our instructors will prepare a plan to get you to the top “ON THE TOP OF THE ROCK”.

An activity to release adrenaline, enjoy the heights and exercise your limbs. Be sure to try it, fun is guaranteed.

Outdoor Yoga

Share the experience with your friends, with your partner or family, or alone. Discover a dynamic yoga practice, for all levels but intense, outdoors on the grassy lawn surrounded by trees.

Each day you will discover a different class, but always following the technical and ancestral sequence starting with a meditation, sun salutations and sequences  of asanas (balance, strength, stretching and bands), pranayama exercises, focus and spirituality. You will exercise the muscles of the legs, arms, back, buttocks, abdomen… It will make you connect with your essence, your body and spirit, to embark on a new path of fulfillment.

Nautical activities

Our fantastic beachfront location on the coast of Isla Cristina and our ideal facilities for the development of activities, make this place a perfect place to unwind and practice water sports and relax in the waters of the beach of Isla Cristina. 11Km. sailing, thanks to our sailing school, the nautical sport that most appeals to you: The adrenaline, speed and flights of Kite Surfing; the connection with the wind of Windsurfing; the relaxing movement of the waves under your paddle surf board; or the enjoyment of another perspective from your kayak.

A dynamic and fun activity for the whole family that will allow you to get in shape and spend a pleasant time under the Atlantic sun of the Costa de la Luz. Both in summer and winter, you will be able to practice this nautical sport that will make you feel very special sensations on the sea.

Unique parties

Our super-team of monitors and entertainers works tirelessly and with plenty of time to plan the most important parties. The entire campsite is themed, campers and workers are involved. It highlights the famous summer carnival, where they compete with their difraces different comparsas and chirigotas in the funniest days of the summer.

The Color Festival, Halloween and Christmas are also memorable for the influx of people eager to have fun and for the atmosphere that is prepared with great care and attention.

Also noteworthy are the summer cinema, our discotheque, Karaoke and Partys for adults only.

Integral installations


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Great plans

- You won't lack for distractions -

The best of Isla Cristina

Discover this town of Huelva. Its fishing port, second in Andalusia. Its tuna market. Its salt flats. Its seafood gastronomy...


Spectacular circuit of roads and lanes to enjoy cycling and exercise at the same time.

Water sports

The instructors of the Wind Zone school will introduce you to kitesurfing and paddlesurfing, among other water sports.


Spectacular circuit of roads and lanes to enjoy cycling and exercise at the same time.

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