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The environment in which Camping Giralda Isla Cristina is located is simply fabulous. Apart from Isla Cristina itself, with its fishing port and its attractive and bustling fish market, the marshes of the Carreras River and the natural wealth of its protected pine forest, the possibilities for enjoyment within a radius of up to 150km are almost endless.

The marine and fluvial attraction that surrounds Camping Giralda, with the Atlantic Ocean, the Marismas and the Guadiana River just 15 km away, allow you to enjoy fabulous boat trips, to know the coast, both Spanish and Portuguese, from a unique perspective.

Camping Giralda as a center of operations, allows our clients to move around impressive locations, spending the night in our facilities. Rest in the tranquility of the pine forest rocked to the rhythm of the waves, after a day of emotions for your senses.

A mythical environment

There are numerous localities and places with wealth and charm that can be visited starting from our campsite, and that do not involve a displacement in excessive kilometers. Almonte-Doñana-El Rocío at 90 km, natural and cultural heritage of western Andalusia, Aracena and its Gruta de las Maravillas at 140 km, a cave treasure with impressive subway formations and lakes, the Natural Park of Picos de Aroche at 150 km, with its exuberant biological richness, or the Jabugo area at 140 km, with its delicious culinary products of the Iberian pig from the pasture, are some of the most representative examples.

Colombian Route

The historical and cultural heritage of the area is undeniable. The Ruta Colombina, declared a historic-artistic site in the province of Huelva and located no more than 70 km. from our location, is proof of this. Towns that are part of this mandatory visit, and that are witness to the preparation and realization of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus and that culminated with the discovery of America, are Palos de la Frontera, with the Monastery of La Rabida, and Moguer, from where the caravels departed for the Indies.

Magical territory

Within a radius of 100 km, we find very interesting coastal towns. Isla Canela, La Antilla, Punta Umbria or Matalascañas represent alternatives to Isla Cristina itself, to enjoy the coast and its spectacular culinary products.

Add the climate of Huelva, transition between subtropical and temperate, with few cold winters and summers softened by the breeze, and we know that your stay at Camping Giralda Isla Cristina will be full of unforgettable moments.

Capital visits

Some 150 km away, we find cities of undoubted interest, such as Seville, Jerez or Cadiz. A visit really a must, in view of all they offer: cultural and historical richness the first, good fino and flamenco the second, and the beauty of the Bay of Cadiz and the art of its people the third.

Border zone

We cannot leave aside the magnificent option of visiting Portugal, which is only 15 kms away. The Algarve, with its coastal and inland locations, is another incentive to enrich your stay at our facilities.

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The best of Isla Cristina

Discover this town of Huelva. Its fishing port, second in Andalusia. Its tuna market. Its salt flats. Its seafood gastronomy...


Spectacular circuit of roads and lanes to enjoy cycling and exercise at the same time.

Water sports

The instructors of the Wind Zone school will introduce you to kitesurfing and paddlesurfing, among other water sports.


Spectacular circuit of roads and lanes to enjoy cycling and exercise at the same time.

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